Photo booth for private events


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The standard package is available for 3, 5 and 8 hours.
* Only included in standard package for 5 and 8 hours.
** Only included in standard package for 8 hours.


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It’s the same classic BW Photo Booth equipment you have encountered at previous events – now available for your party! The integrated system of hardware and software make its assembly a piece of cake: lightweight aluminum housing, on wheels, with the printer housing incorporated! In addition to these advantages we include several dimensions: 4 fully customizable screens, medium size screen for generic events, and Pocket (2 screens) – our definition for short but successful events!

We believe in trends, and the retro feeling – and what could be more fun than a return to the American photo booth trend! The strip-type photos, which can be printed in color or black and white during photo sessions embody this feeling.

If you want more than a strip picture format, you can opt for a 10 × 15 cm picture, containing the same dose of fun in 4 funny frames!

Any guest or participant at your event deserves to capture the funniest moments! This is why photo sessions and implicitly printouts are unlimited, so nothing will stop you from queuing 10 more times for new photo sessions!

Each guest receives a picture listed after the photo session! And that means, regardless how many people attend a certain session, each participant in the related session will leave with a picture!
After listing, the photos can be downloaded from the cloud with the possibility to be shared on different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
You do not expect this, but … besides the funny pictures listed during the photo sessions, a GIF is generated, so that later you can distribute it on social networks and enjoy the memorable party in the virtual space!
You have received messages – and not by any means: video recordings! Greetings, funny events related only to you, or … the list of options is huge! The photo booth is also equipped with a dedicated microphone, so the message transmitted in the background noise is not lost. Most of the time, these messages render the party atmosphere even more accurately, than the pictures themselves!

Do you want your guests to remember not only the funny moments, but also the event where they had a great time? In the case of the photo strips, the last frame is personalized with the logo of your event, and in the case of 10 × 15 cm pictures, also the space between the photo frames. In other words: your personality is transposed into the event logo!
Attention to small details! During your inactive time and before each photo session, your guests will see, once again, on your welcome screen, your personalized message for them (save the date photos, etc.).

The strip photos are magnetized on the top of the pictures, with self-adhesive magnet of 1/5 of the strip length. In addition to this number of magnets, you can supplement them in the options package, or decide to magnetize the entire photo surface.

The talent of your mega-entertaining guests will also be accentuated by the funny accessories (hats, oversized glasses, wigs, mustaches, huge teeth lips, etc.) and message boards (VIP, I came for sarmales, Party Animal, etc.). )
We introduce to you, for the first time, a super-fun tool to further increase the photo booth interactivity, which will by default generate even more funny pictures! We offer you from the beginning 12 funny messages, which, on request and for a small additional fee, can be personalized with your messages!
You should be as zen as possible at your personal event, that is why we come with a team of 2 people who will provide assistance throughout the event, managing the huge range of people standing in line for the photo booth, plus take care of all the details you need for a good operating service!
The memories with your guests belong to you too! Plus, what could be more fun than laughing from all your heart to see what the crazy people were thinking about during the party? Thus, you recover the lost time, at a time chosen by you! The media format is your choice: USB or DVD!
Do you want your pictures to be even more funny? This option involves applying a template / filter over your pictures, in the format you choose!

Street art is always appreciated by those who keep up with the fashion trends! And these artistic currents reproduce even these subtleties – directly on your picture! By activating this filter, your pictures will be reproduced according to the filter.

If you want more than strip format photos, you can opt for the 10 × 15 cm version, containing the same dose of fun in 4 fun frames!
Size always has value! And the pictures with only one frame represent that! Only one second in front of the camera! The photo booth is a fascinating presence for both young and old guests. And they want, in most cases, a simple memory from your event!
You know for the start that you will have more than 300 guests at your event? Or you just want to make sure that everyone who takes pictures will receive magnetized photos? You can opt to supplement the strip magnets – and all guests will have the opportunity to review their photos on the fridge!
Pictures magnetized all over the surface last longer and longer! In addition, they stick much better on metal surfaces, which prevents them from curving at the edges. For time-resistant pictures, we recommend magnetizing the strips all over their surface!
Dacă vrei ca și pozele de 10×15 cm să poată fi lipite pe suprafețe de metal, îți recomandăm magnetizarea acestora. De ce magnetizăm pe toată suprafața pozelor, în comparație cu alte echipe? Pentru că din cauza dimensiunii mari a pozei, un magnet aplicat numai pe unele secțiuni a acestuia, în timp rezultă curbarea acestuia.
Do you want the photo booth to be set up before the guests arrive in the room? And the actual fun only from an hour set in advance? The difference of hours between these two activities is calculated according to the stand by rates.
Successful parties have in common that they all end long after midnight! Not infrequently, we are asked to photograph all the fun until the end of the party!
We come with a large army of tablets, but if you want the funny phrases to refer strictly to your event, you have the freedom to come up with a huge list of ideas.
An album with all the photos taken at the photo booth, with the messages of those who appear on the picture! 2 in 1: remember the pictures of your loved ones plus their messages, all in one place! So, at each photo session, we list one extra, especially for the guestbook. We come with a photo album from our current offer, and our props: colorful pens and glues especially for photos.
We all get attached to beautiful memories, and besides the option of placing them on the fridge, we also offer you the option to include a special frame for the strip photos. Perfect for wedding testimonials, photo frames for strip photos give you the opportunity to surprise your guests with the most unusual gift they can see on the desk, bedside table or wherever they want!
We introduce to you, for the first time, a super-fun tool to further increase the photo booth interactivity, which will by default generate even more funny pictures! We offer you from the beginning 12 funny messages, which, on request and for a small additional fee, can be personalized with your messages!
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